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Active in Africa, with specific expertise in the various sectors of the economic activity,  I am delighted to bring a contribution to the emergence and successfull development of local enterprises in the following sectors :


1. Energy


Proven track record in the solar industry, the hydropower, the biomass.


We have successfully assisted to implement plants in Senegal, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Uganda, and many other projects are ongoing in other countries.


We are working with various partners : manufacturers from Europe, America or Asia, EPC’s from Europe or Asia, investors from Europe, Africa or Asia.

Some partners are owners of fantastic technologies in the storage of the solar energy, as an answer to the lack of energy during some periods of the day.


From our point of view, the energy sector is linked to the « waste management » where we are working with companies able to organize the collect, treatment and waste recycling. The result of its waste management is the production of electricity, the production of organic fertilizers, the re-creation of products and the diminution of healthy problems.


2. Agriculture


We have assisted clients to implement a proper and sustainable production of vegetables, fruits, sugar, with the containerized solutions for the transformation locally.


We also have the expertise for helping to the organization of a meat and fish production, with the containerized solutions for the transformation locally.


3. Roads and Buildings


We can answer to any request for the construction of roads and buildings.


4. Mining & quarries


We have experience in the mining & quarries industry. Having a more than 20 years expertise, our connected purchasing office has access to all the necessary equipment (machines, heavy machinery, etc).


5. Varia


We also take profit of our presence in the countries for investigating some business opportunities in

  • the collective transportation,

  • the closed protection of people and goods,

  • the e-learning and the professional and technical learning,

  • the introduction of well-known brands through existing retailers or via creation of a distribution network

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