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The essence of my intervention resides in the story that we can write together.

The most important is to develop a sustainable relation based on respect, honesty, trust, loyalty.


You won’t speak with a pyramid of collaborators and trainees, we speak together, and I answer to your needs, with my network of collaborators if necessary, depending of the elaborated strategy, and always in full and strict confidentiality.

K Y C :  Know Your Client


I am delighted to assist entrepreneurs in the context of their (international) development.


After the first evaluation contact between us, it is decided if we can start a relation together : Can I bring an added value for your company or your project ? We both need to be sure that I can bring an added value.


This added value may consist in the various impacts that I can bring to your success thanks to a worlwide network of trusty and reliable persons selected during  my three decenia of practice.


This extensive network combined with my skills in international business law and international tax law, have provided me with an in-depth knowledge in assisting global entrepreneurs throughout their (international) development proces.


 The added value I will bring to your company or project may revolve around various aspects:


  • The identification and selection of a reliable partner (associate, importer, representative, distributor, franchisee, licensee…), thanks to the application of the KYC rules

  • The securitization of your assets (appropriate structured vehicle, trade mark/patent…),

  • A proper organization of the financial flows,

  • The fund raising (PE, VC, institutional…),

  • A sustainable international tax planning (with potential inheritance planning),

  • The contractualization of each relation where it is required.




Interventions of the KYC_Lawyers office :

  • Law research and practice research of companies’ incentives in different specific sectors and in different countries.

  • Worldwide incorporation of companies (U.S., Africa, Europe, Asia) with special care to the double tax treaties.

  • Definition of tailor-made clauses in shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements.

  • « State aid», « dumping », « competition » files (cases/lobbying).

  • Tailor-made tax structures for real estate holdings, for the acquisition/holding/licensing of trade mark, patent, author rights, redaction of the agreements.

  • Assistance to  local, regional, national and/or international development of business projects in the hotel and hospitality sector.

  • Management of tax rulings in different countries.

  • Assistance to the companies’ fund raising (business plan, business angels).

  • Tailor-made installation of different international distribution networks, agent networks, franchises.

  • Assistance in the context of successions, national and international.

  • Mergers & acquisition operations (data room, due diligence, negotiation, agreement).

  • Management of rental situations.



contact us :

Xavier Huberland (kyc_lawyers)

Vusakkerstraat 8

8750 Wingene ( Belgium )

E-mail :
Tél :  +32 495 519 590

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